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Falcon Studios, Inc


Mastering is $40 a song for in-house recordings
or $45 a song for all other recordings.

In order to prevent distortion, all studios will keep your final mix a bit quieter than a retail cd, and sometimes one song may be different in volume than the others on a disc. Also, since all songs are mixed individually, one may have slightly more treble than another, or one may have stronger bass. Mastering is the final process that fixes all of that.

At  Falcon Studios, Inc. we make sure every track has the same punch and mix as the last, giving your album maximum impact throughout every song! Spacing between tracks and hidden tracks are also part of mastering. It doesn't matter if they've been recorded here or somewhere else, we will make your final mixes sound like they've all been done in one great place!

We use a number of great mastering tools to get the right sound for your CD, including Waves, WaveLab, and Sonic Foundry. All tracks are monitored in our great control rooms for absolute clarity.

Mastering also prepares your CD for the production process when you send it to the manufacturing company where your copies will be made. The master CD will be transferred to a glass master from which molds are made for replication. If you are planning on making many copies your CD, we highly recommend mastering.